Professional Equipment

3' Stainless Steel needle included

High-Flow Competition BBQ Siphon Meat Injector 

This is the BEST DAMN INJECTOR there is!

This handy siphon injector is ready to pump brine or marinade into your meat, WITHOUT the need to reload it. Just keep the hose submerged, and you can pump non-stop, as much as you like. 36" rubberized hose will grip the bottle so there's no need to hold it submerged. Adjustable flow control allows you to inject from 0.5ml - 12.5ml per squeeze. It's fully assembled (needle installs in seconds) and ready to go.



Maintenance tip- your injections should always be strained before use in this siphon injector. 

Cleaning tip- run warm water through your High-Flow Siphon Injector after every use.