Briquets 3kg

All the way from the pristine olive groves in the countryside of Kalamata, Greece to your backyard, we bring you an exceptional cooking experience that far exceeds the traditional way of doing BBQ. Olive Briq is committed to bringing a premium sustainable BBQ briquette to the North American consumer.

With its unique properties and patented technology, our product has revolutionized the world of BBQ and is becoming the briquette of choice for avid barbecuers everywhere. 

$14.99 3kg


No Smoke • No Spark • Easy to Light • Extreme High Heat • Sweet Smell
Free of Chemicals • Emits 30% Less Carbon Monoxide

Olive Briq Premium BBQ briquettes are the first of their kind, innovative and green product. We are dedicated to minimizing the use and waste of our natural resources while at the same time, reducing harmful emissions into the environment.