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Smoking Woods & Charcoal

Rubs, Sauces & Seasonings Ceramic Grill & Kamado Accessories

A variety of wood chips & wood chunks, wood pellets & planks, and of coarse charcoal.

Browse our MASSIVE collection of competition BBQ rubs & sauces from our favorite Pitmasters.

Specialty custom made accessories for Big Green Eggs, Kamado Joes and other ceramic cookers.

All Apparel Weber Accessories Traeger Accessories

We've got a fine collection of BBQ hats & beanies, hoodies & sweatshirts, and t-shirts & Aprons. All made right here in Canada.

A large collection of Weber covers, rotisseries, griddles, drip pans, brushes and much much more!

A large collection of Traeger covers, insulating blankets, and much much more!

Maverick Thermometers Thermoworks Products Lodge Cast Iron Cookware 

No need to stand around waiting when you have a Maverick ET-733 watching over your meat and your cooker!

Premium cooking thermometers like the Thermapen MK4, Chef Alarm, TimeStick and Thermopop.

Made in the United States, these pre-seasoned skillets and dutch ovens are ready to use and built to last.

GrillGrate Kits & Single Panels iGrills  A-MAZE-N Smokers

A revolutionary new grilling surface used to enhance your sear marks and offer protection from flare-ups.

The Bluetooth Smart grilling thermometer that will connect to most mobile devices.

The maze tray and smoker tubes can provide enough smoke for even the longest cookouts.

Smokenator Kettle Pizza  Pork Puller

The most effective accessory on the market to turn your Weber Kettle into a meat smoker.

It installs easily on your Weber Kettle 18" & 22" for premium wood-fired pizzas every time.

Stainless steel drill attachment ready to pull apart any pork shoulder in under 10 seconds flat.

The Briner Looftlighter  Himalayan Pink Salt

The ultimate brine container keeps your meats completely submerged in the brine. Available in 2 sizes.

The Looftlighter ignites wood or charcoal in under 60 seconds without the need of lighter fluid.

Once heated, they can sear thinly cut meats, fish, vegetables, seafood and other quick cooking foods.

Attitude Aprons Cookina Grilling Sheets

A humorous assortment of aprons, guaranteed to make you smile and possibly laugh too.

A revolutionary new grilling sheet designed to transfer all the heat and sear, without the mess! 100% non-stick.